Good Design Awards 2018

17 May at the 60th annual Good Design Awards Ceremony

Great to be part of a local success story with Neale, Andrew, John and the rest of the Humanihut team. Many years of hard work recognised by the ‘Good Design Awards’ with best in class for engineering design. Click here to see more.

Minelab VR Presentation

On an invitation from Minelab, Kadego presented a Virtual Reality demonstration on Friday 14th July 2017.

Approximately 30 technical people from various engineering groups were appreciative of the presentation and enthusiastic about the potential uses of VR in their design process.  Engineering program manager Paul Congdon invited Kadego to present and expressed a strong interest in using VR for design review purposes.

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Kadego joins Simulation Australasia

Over the past decade or so Kadego has diversified from a mechanical design company to offer services in 3D visualisation such as animations and rendered images.  In 2014 Kadego expanded into virtual reality.  One of the areas of business that VR can be very useful for is training and simulation.  As a result of this change the benefits of membership of ‘Simulation Australasia’ have recently become apparent.

Today Kadego are proud to announce taking up this membership option.