Use of industry standard CAD packages for creation of digital models and associated drawings. Visual communication of 3d animations and 3d rendered images of the product via industry standard software packages. The animations and/or renderings can be incorporated into our Virtual Reality simulations, and can be used as assembly aids or in standard operating procedures, and are often used to support tenders/bids, and as marketing and stakeholder support.

Image Rendering

Kadego have been creating 3d rendered images of products since 2008.  These can be used for marketing purposes such as tender documents and brochures. They can also be useful in the development of assembly aids, work instructions or standard operating procedures.


Kadego have been creating 3d product animations since 2008. The uses for animations are similar to those of rendered images, but as marketing tools they provide a little more wow factor and for training and work instruction purposes they are generally better at delivering the intended message.

Search for ‘Kadego’ on ‘Youtube’ to see some more examples of our work.